One thing all students dread is homework. It can be difficult to get a child to do his/her homework. Almost every school gives assignments to students. Homework is something that is to be completed at home. Though there has been a lot of debate on whether homework is good or not, nonetheless assignments are still given to kids to date. Let us look at some advice on why homework can be good for you.

Homework helps to retain studies better

Researchers say that whatever kids learn in school, they tend to forget if they don’t revise. Revising lessons within 24 hours is a good thing. It helps to remember topics and understand them better. Homework related to whatever the child learns in class helps retain them. There are many subjects that require revision and dedicated time for the same. Hence, homework helps you remember and revise topics in an easy and lucid way.

Homework keeps children busy

A child may want to spend his free time doing unwanted things; hence, by assigning homework, they can be engaged. They can use their spare time to do their homework.

Homework improves handwriting and other skills

Completing English assignment may force your child to write more which in turn leads to better handwriting. Your child learns the skills required to complete the work in time and to use the resources effectively. Handwriting is a very creative skill. But with advancing technology, it becomes difficult to ace the skill. Kids may find it not important to learn through writing. But this skill must be learned by students. This way, they become less dependent on technology.

Homework helps the family bond

Parents sit with children to help them with homework and assist them. This helps in bonding time with the family, which enhances their relationship. Parents can learn a lot about their children during this time. This also lets the parents monitor what their child learns in school. A parent can guide their child accordingly and help them overcome any obstacles during their course of study. Also, kids need their parent’s attention. Parents are always better at understanding their child’s shortcomings and act accordingly so that the child can progress.

Homework helps learn beyond the scope of the syllabus

Homework should always have some topics which are beyond the syllabus. The child should be able to surf and find out the correct answers to the assignment. This should contain topics from current affairs which enhances the student’s intelligence and knowledge.

Researchers have stated that completing homework on time can lead to a better personality in the long run. It helps students understand the importance of time management and various other skills that may be useful for them in the future. The study also found that kids who diligently completed their homework were more conscientious. Homework should always have a positive impact on the child rather than a negative one. Also, another thing to take care is not to load students with assignments which may have a bad impact on them.

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