For a long time now, homework has form part and parcel of learning in schools. Today, students at different levels work on assignments at home as part of what they need to do to excel in their studies. The use of homework has helped stakeholders in one way or another. Otherwise, it could have been banned owing to the many debates going around it. Not all people believe that it is helpful to students.

So, is homework good and should it continue among learners? This is something that needs to be looked at objectively. There are goals and objectives that should be met with each assignment but when this is not the case, homework can be detrimental to the learning process. Therefore, teachers must thoroughly communicate the reasons behind each assignment and the lessons that they will get to learn out of it. Without this information, the very purpose and objective of doing homework are not enhanced.

Benefits of homework to students

There is a reason why homework is still a key pillar in studies. Today, many students are learning a lot and further advancing their knowledge when doing these takeaway assignments. Here is a list of benefits that come with homework:

  • It is an opportunity to learn more and increase knowledge of what was taught in class.
  • Students develop robust problem-solving skills. As they work on their assignments, they can look at things critically and provide answers to problems.
  • Homework helps them prepare for exams
  • Students apply different skills when working on their assignments and that is good for them in life
  • Assignments come with deadlines to be met. Therefore, this helps students learn time management skills

Downside of homework

Even with the various benefits that come with doing homework, there has been a misuse that has seen students take home many assignments. It is good to remember that homework is not an alternative to learning in the classroom. Therefore, it should not be used to replace anything in the learning process. Here are some of the downsides of homework when not used objectively:

  • It stresses and depresses learners to have a lot of assignments and tasks to work on with a short period
  • Students hardly get to play amidst many homework assignments. This is not good for their health and development
  • With many tasks to work on, students may not even find the time to be with their family and close associates. Therefore, they shouldn’t be involved in so much work at the expense of their key relationships that help build them socially and mentally too.

Final Thoughts

Having looked at the pros and cons of homework, it is agreeable that homework has much more benefits than disadvantages. Therefore, learning institutions need to regulate the use of homework so that the main reasons and objectives of doing it are fully met. There are great lessons to learn using homework but this should be properly done. Objectives for every assignment should always be communicated clearly.

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